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What are National Statistics?

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UK National Statistics Quality Mark
UK National Statistics Quality Mark

'National Statistics' is the national standard for official statistics. The 'National Statistics' Quality Mark indicates that the statistics have been produced in accordance with a Code of Practice for Official Statistics. The Code of Practice requires the statistics to be produced, managed and disseminated to high professional standards. The statistics must be well-explained and meet users' needs. The 'National Statistics' standard has statutory backing.

The UK Statistics Authority is an independent body established in 2008. It has a statutory role to assess all official statistics to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the Code. Those statistics that were designated as National Statistics before the introduction of the UK Statistics Authority will continue to carry the logo until formally assessed by the Authority. Should any of those statistics be judged as not compliant with the Code, the Authority is required to remove the National Statistics designation.

More information about the UK Statistics Authority, the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and assessment can be found on the Authority's website.