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Publications for: Marine Management Organisation

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The UK Fishing Industry: Landings
Department: Marine Management Organisation
This publication brings together information on the quantity, value, species and area of capture of fish landings. Data are provided for UK vessels landing into the UK and abroad and for foreign vessels landing into the UK.
The UK Fishing Industry: Structure and Activity
Department: Marine Management Organisation
This report brings together information on the size and composition of the UK fishing fleet and its activity. Numbers of fishermen and statistics on accidents involving fishing vessels are included.
UK Sea Fisheries Statistics
Department: Marine Management Organisation
A comprehensive compendium of statistics relating to the UK fishing industry. It includes information on the size of the UK fishing fleet, the number of fishermen and the quantity and value of sea fish landings, imports and exports. Comparisons are made with the fishing industries in Europe and the rest of the world. The level of exploitation and biological status of the main EU quota stocks is also considered.