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Publications for: Food Standards Agency

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Annual report of incidents
Department: Food Standards Agency
The release includes an appendix presenting numbers and types of incidents, reported to the Food Standards Agency, that have the potential to impact on the safety of food. The release adopts a broad definition of such incidents, in terms of their character, severity and the channel via which they are reported. It acknowledges that reporting may be incomplete.
Food and You
Department: Food Standards Agency
The Food and You survey povides evidence of public food safety attitudes, reported behaviour and knowledge of recommended food safety practices.
Local Authority Food Law Enforcement returns
Department: Food Standards Agency
The release summarises local authority activity in relation to food law enforcement at food establishments. It includes summary statistics on the numbers of inspections conducted as well the outcomes of these inspections.
National Diet and Nutrition Survey (Rolling Programme)
Department: Food Standards Agency
The Food Standards Agency took lead responsibility for publication of NDNS statistics for the 1st year of the new Rolling Programme (publication date February 2010). For the 2nd year (published in July 2011), and all subsequent years, lead responsibility has transferred to Dept of Health. As a result, these statistics are now referenced under the new Theme "Health & Social Care", and new Topic "Lifestyle & Behaviours"
National Diet and Nutrition Survey (Scotland)
Department: Food Standards Agency
Food consumption, nutrient intakes and nutritional status of the Scottish population - adults and children from 18 months upwards. Results are presented by age/sex sub-groups.