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Publications for: Scottish Government

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NHS Board Projected Staff In Post Changes
Department: Scottish Government
Provides NHS workforce projections for 2014/15
National Travel Survey - Scottish Results
Department: Scottish Government
Scottish results from the National Travel Survey. Includes long-term trends in the average number/distance of journeys made per person per year and variations in travel patterns with age, sex, etc.
New House Building - Quarterly Update
Department: Scottish Government
Quarterly time series data on Scottish starts and completions by sector from 1980.
Non-Domestic Rates Relief Statistics for Small Business in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics on small businesses in Scotland receiving non-domestic rates relief
Non-Domestic Rates Revaluation Appeals
Department: Scottish Government
Non-domestic rates - quarterly publication on progress and results of appeals against 2010 revaluation of non-domestic properties.
Operation of the Homeless Persons Legislation in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Applications, numbers in temporary accommodation, and snapshot of characteristics of applicants and local authority responses.
Outcomes for Looked After Children
Department: Scottish Government
A new publication initially focussing on the educational outcomes for looked after children, with the aim of including the lifelong learning, health and justice outcomes for looked after children in future years.
People and Culture in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Information on participation in cultural activities, attendance at cultural events, volunteering, use of the internet and factors that influence participation.
People and Sport in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Information on participation in sporting activities, attendance at sporting events and factors that influence participation.
Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Arable Crops and Potato Stores 2012
Department: Scottish Government
Pestcide usage data on Scottish arable crops and in potato stores in 2012.