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Publications for: Scottish Government

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Key Scottish Environment Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Summary statistics for a wide range of environmental topics and main "drivers". These include electricity generation, road traffic, population and households.
Key Scottish Safety Camera Programme Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Data relating to road traffic collisions, injuries and offences detected at speed and red-light camera sites, operated in Scotland under the auspices of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme.
Lifelong Learning Series: The Age Participation Index for Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
The API is used to measure the percentage of young Scots entering higher education (HE) anywhere in the UK for the first time in a given year.
Local Area Labour Markets in Scotland: Statistics from the Annual Population Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Summary publication of results from the Annual Population Survey, presenting analysis on the labour market, education and training. Results are provided for Scotland and local authority areas in Scotland.
Local Authority Housing Income and Expenditure
Department: Scottish Government
Summary information on local authority housing income and expenditure including stock levels and average rents.
Local Authority Social Work Services Staffing Survey, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Summarises census of staff in Social Work - demographics, experience and qualifications plus level of vacancies.
Long-Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities
Department: Scottish Government
First annual update of the set of headline indicators recommended in the Equally Well report of the ministerial task force on health inequalities.
Mental Health Officers' Report
Department: Scottish Government
The Scottish Social Services Council is an arms-length body of the Scottish Government, and is responsible for the production of this report. This report presents the results of the latest Mental Health Officers' (MHO) Survey to give a picture of the number of practising MHOs in Scotland and the work they carry out.
Mental Health Officers, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Annual survey of Mental Health Officers working in LAs
National Travel Survey - Scottish Results
Department: Scottish Government
Scottish results from the National Travel Survey. Includes long-term trends in the average number/distance of journeys made per person per year and variations in travel patterns with age, sex, etc.