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Publications for: Scottish Government

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Follow up Survey of School Leavers from Scottish Schools
Department: Scottish Government
Sustained destinations of leavers from Scottish Schools
Free Personal Care and Nursing Care in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Presents information from a variety of sources to give a picture of the number of people benefiting from free personal care and free nursing care in Scotland, and how much Local Authorities spend on personal care services.
GP Access Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Detailed analysis from the GP Access Survey for Scotland, NHS Board and GP Practice.
GP Patient Experience Survey - National Report
Department: Scottish Government
National results from the GP survey including questions about people’s experiences of making an appointment, visiting the GP surgery, seeing staff and being prescribed medicines.
Global Connections Survey
Department: Scottish Government
This bulletin presents statistics on international and rest of UK exports. The figures provide an estimate of the cash value of Scotland’s exports of goods and services, by industry and destination.
Government Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
This report captures the entire public sector in Scotland and includes activity by each of the constituent sub-sectors of the public sector: central government, local government and public corporations.
Gross Expenditure on Research and Development Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Gross expenditure on Research and Development in Scotland broken down by expenditure type (by Business, Government and/or Higher Education) - with UK and International comparisons.
Hands Up Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Provides detail of travel to school in Scotland.
Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics for Scotland from the UK-wide HE-BCI survey
Higher Education Student Support, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Amount of loans, grants and fees paid for Scottish and European Union students, and the number supported.