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TSP 1: UK Regular Forces Strengths and Changes
Department: Defence
Strengths of, and intake and outflow to/ from, the UK regular forces, including breakdowns by gender
TSP 2: UK Armed Forces Full Time Strengths and Trained Requirements
Department: Defence
Full time strengths and trained requirements of the UK armed forces
TSP 3: UK Armed Forces Strengths and Requirements
Department: Defence
Strengths and requirements of the UK Armed Forces
TSP 4: UK Armed Forces Quarterly Manning Report
Department: Defence
Strengths of, and intake and outflow to/from the UK armed forces, including breakdowns by sex and ethnicity
TSP 5: UK Regular Forces Outflow from Trained Strength to Civil Life
Department: Defence
Outflow from trained strength from UK regular forces
TSP 7: UK Reserves and Cadets Strengths
Department: Defence
UK reserves and cadets strengths
TSP 8: Age Distribution of UK Regular Forces
Department: Defence
UK regular forces strengths by age
TSP 9: UK Regular Forces Rank Structure
Department: Defence
UK regular forces strengths by rank
Tracking Op HERRICK (Afghanistan) VSI/SI Operational Casualties
Department: Defence
This report provides statistical information on patients that were very seriously injured (VSI) or seriously injured (SI) on Operation HERRICK (Afghanistan) as listed on the initial Notification of Casualties (NOTICAS) signal. It complements and expands upon the fortnightly publication of operational casualty and fatality statistics which include counts of Service personnel VSI or SI.
UK Armed Forces Annual Personnel Report
Department: Defence
This is an annual publication containing strengths, intake and outflow from the UK Regular Forces. This data is broken down by Service, Officer/Rank, age and gender.