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Pupils in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Results of the annual pupil census. Includes numbers, primary class sizes, ethnicity, disability and Gaelic medium.
Quarterly National Accounts Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
This release provides users with a number of key macroeconomic statistics for Scotland, including Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measured using output, income and expenditure approaches, estimates of UK extra-regio activities attributable to Scotland, household accounts, and public sector revenues.
Racist incidents recorded by the police in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Characteristics of victims and perpetrators of racist incidents reported to the police at police force and Scotland level.
Reconviction rates in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
One and two year reconviction rates by offender type for offenders released from custody or starting a community sentence in 2005-06 and 2006-07.
Reconvictions of Offenders Discharged from Custody or Given Non-Custodial Sentences, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Presents reconviction of offenders discharged from custody or given non-custodial sentences in Scotland.
Recorded Crime and Offences Involving Firearms, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Crimes and offences in which a firearm was alleged to have been used or stolen over the past decade at police force and Scotland level.
Recorded Crime in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
A detailed overview of crimes and offences recorded by the police over the past decade, for Scotland, police force areas and local authorities.
Registered Blind and Partially Sighted Persons, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
New registrations and people currently registered as blind or partially sighted, by age, gender and disabilities.
Relative Poverty across Scottish Local Authorities
Department: Scottish Government
New figures about the proportion of households in relative poverty in Scotland at local authority area level.
Reported Road Casualties Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Final road accident and casualty statistics, updating provisional figures published in June. Presents detailed analyses and includes estimates of drink driving casualties and accident costs.