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Adults with Learning Disabilities, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Covers the range of services provided to adults with learning disabilities by local authorities in Scotland.
Adults with a Psychotic Disorder Living in Private Households
Department: Office for National Statistics
Findings relating to the circumstances of people with psychosis living in the community from a survey of psychiatric morbidity among adults aged 16 to 74 living in private households in Great Britain.
Adults with learning difficulties in England
Department: Health and Social Care Information Centre
National survey about the lives of people with learning difficulties in England.
Adults with learning disabilities known to Scottish local authorities (eSAY)
Department: Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability
National Data Collection on the number of people with learning disabilities known to Scottish local authorities and the services they use.
Aerospace and Electronic Cost Indices
Department: Office for National Statistics
Contains cost indices (purchase of materials and fuels, earnings and National Insurance, general expenses and combined costs) relating to four aerospace and electronics industries. The data are based on the revised Standard Industrial Classification SIC (2007) and are calculated on a base year of 2005=100. The indices are widely used by government and business as an authoritative source of information on inflation, cost adjusting and price variation in trading contracts.
Affordable Housing Provision in Wales, Analysis
Department: Welsh Government
This Statistical Bulletin presents further data on affordable housing in Wales.
Affordable Housing Securing Planning Consent, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Planning Applications granted consent with provision for affordable housing (including public subsidy and private contributions).
Affordable Housing Starts and Completions funded by the Homes and Communities Agency and the Greater London Authority
Department: Communities and Local Government
Starts and completions of affordable housing for England, bringing together those funded by the HCA and those funded by the GLA
Affordable Housing Supply, England
Department: Communities and Local Government
This release presents data on affordable housing supply in England. This was previously entitled 'Gross Affordable Housing Supply’ and has been renamed to 'Affordable Housing Supply’. This is following an assessment recommendation by the UK Statistics Authority in order to align the naming conventions used across the Publication Hub and the DCLG website. This should help users to find comparable releases over time. The scope and definitions of the statistics have not been changed.
Affordable Housing Survey: A review of the quality of affordable housing in England
Department: Communities and Local Government
A survey of the design quality, as measured by CABE Building For Life criteria, of affordable housing in England, commissioned by the Homes and Communities Agency.