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New Enterprise Allowance official statistics
Department: Work and Pensions
This publication provides the following official statistics on New Enterprise Allowance for the period April 2011 to August 2013
Older Workers Statistical Information Booklet
Department: Work and Pensions
Statistics which provide estimates and interpretation of snapshot (quarter two 2012) and trends (2001-2012) for older workers' employment, labour market participation and developments in the UK.
Pension provision: NI contributions, qualifying years and second tier pensions
Department: Work and Pensions
The release provides the latest estimates on people who have paid National Insurance contributions since 1978/79. The figures show all the contribution types paid by a person during the year and are not mutually exclusive: they will include an element of double counting if a person has paid a number of contribution types (e.g. self employed and employed earner contributions). This was previously known as ‘National Insurance Contributions and qualifying years and Second Tier Pension Provision'
Pensioners’ Incomes Series
Department: Work and Pensions
Estimates and interpretation of trends in the level and sources of pensioners’ incomes.
Personal Independence Payment Statistics
Department: Work and Pensions
This release will include experimental Official Statistics on PIP caseload by geographical breakdown, main disability, age, mobility award, daily living award, gender and normal and special rules for terminally ill people. Some management information will also be published alongside the experimental Official Statistics.
Pre-Work Programme Employment Support Measures
Department: Work and Pensions
In addition to Work Programme, a new range of employment support will be introduced including Get Britain Working measures (Work Together, Work Clubs, New Enterprise Allowance, Sector-based work academies), Mandatory Work Activity and Skills Conditionality.
Provider Led Pathways to Work Official Statistics
Department: Work and Pensions
Quarterly statistics on the number of programme starts and job entries for Provider-Led Pathways to Work. NOTE: CHANGES TO PUBLICATION FROM JULY 2010 ONWARDS. In response to user feedback, there will be a number of changes to this publication. These will be included in the July 2010 and subsequent editions. Further details are available at http://statistics.dwp.gov.uk/asd/workingage/ib_ref_p2w.asp
Second Tier Pension Provision
Department: Work and Pensions
Second Tier Pension Provision provides the latest estimates on contracted out pension scheme and SERPS/S2P membership since the introduction of contracted out schemes in 1978/79 published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
Six Month Offer Stats
Department: Work and Pensions
Take up of Recruitment Subsidy, Self Employment Credit, Work Focused Training and Volunteering initiatives introduced in April 2009 as part of the Government's response to the economic downturn. From January 2011, this has included numbers on completions of Work Focused Training for England.
Social Justice Familiy Stability Indicator
Department: Work and Pensions
The percentage of children not living with both of their birth parents, by: -age of child -household income The estimated percentage of children living with both birth parents where the parents report happiness or unhappiness in their parental relationship.