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NHS Diagnostics Waiting Times and Acitivities
Department: Health
Diagnostic test waiting.
NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting Times, England
Department: Health
Waiting times or waiting list statistics.
NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting: Elective Admission Events
Department: Health
Quarterly monitoring of hospital inpatient activity
NHS Referral to Treatment (RTT) Waiting Times Statistics for England - Annual Report
Department: Health
Referral to treatment waiting annual report for calendar year
NHS Referral to Treatment Waiting Times
Department: Health
Information on Consultant-led Referral to Treatment (RtT) waiting times, monitoring length of time from referral through to elective treatment.
National Diet and Nutrition Survey
Department: Health
Food consumption and nutrient intakes of people aged 1.5 years and over living in private households, UK
National NHS Staff Survey
Department: Health
Data on how staff feel about working in the NHS
National Patient Survey
Department: Health
Monitors patient awareness of choice and recall of having been offered a choice of hospital for their first outputpatient appointment.
PIP Breast Implant Monitoring
Department: Health
There are two weekly data collections monitoring the "NHS Offer" for patients who have had PIP implants. The first collection monitors the extent to which patients who had PIP implants implanted privately have presented to the NHS. The second collection tracks the care of those women who have previously had PIP implants implanted by the NHS. This collection covers the seven NHS providers which had used PIP implants on NHS patients in the past.
Patient Experience Overall Measure
Department: Health
Consolidates results from surveys in the National Patient Survey Programme to give overall experience scores (out of 100) for the NHS against 5 broad headings. NHS England is now responsible for the publication of Patient Experience Overall Measure.