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Public attitudes towards road congestion
Department: Transport
Public experiences of and attitudes to air travel
Department: Transport
Public experiences of and attitudes towards air travel, based on a module of questions included in the Office for National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) Survey
Public experiences of and attitudes towards rail travel
Department: Transport
Report summarising people's experiences of rail travel and their attitudes towards it
Quarterly Bus Statistics, Great Britain
Department: Transport
Bulletin presenting the latest quarterly data on passenger satisfaction, bus reliability and bus patronage in Great Britain.
Quarterly Road Traffic Estimates
Department: Transport
Quarterly bulletin providing statistics on road traffic  in Great Britain.
Regional Transport Statistics
Department: Transport
Annual publication bringing together a wide range of transport statistics for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at Government Office Region and former Metropolitan county level.
Regional Transport Statistics Web Tables
Department: Transport
Regional Transport Statistics was discontinued as a single publication in 2009 and replaced by a series of Web Tables which will be updated during the year as data becomes available. The first tranche of tables for 2010 will be "vehicles" published in April 2010.
Reliability of journeys on the Highways Agency's motorway and 'A' road network
Department: Transport
This release presents provisional information about the reliability of journeys on the startegic road network.
Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Biofuel Statistics
Department: Transport
This publication presents statistics on the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). It includes information on the persentage of UK road fuel made up of renewable fuel, information on its sustainability and the extent to which road fuel suppliers have met the sustainability targets for the period.
Reported Road Casualties English Local Authority Tables
Department: Transport
This is a web site based publication presenting statistics on personal injury road accidents and their casualties by English local authorities.