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Publications for: Welsh Government

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Wales In Figures
Department: Welsh Government
Brings together a selection of key statistics for Wales.
Wales's Population
Department: Welsh Government
Presents a comprehensive overview of demographic statistics for Wales.
Walking and Cycling Action Plan for Wales
Department: Welsh Government
This bulletin reports on the six walking and cycling targets set for Wales. It also analyses wider issues relating to walking and cycling in Wales.
Welsh Agricultural Statistics
Department: Welsh Government
Presents statistics on general agricultural information; aggregate agricultural accounts; agricultural production; prices and marketing statistics and agricultural subsidies for Wales.
Welsh Assessment and Exam Performance: Comparison with England and its Regions
Department: Welsh Government
Presents a summary of Key Stage 2 to 4 results for Wales, England and the English Government Office Regions (GOR).
Welsh Bus Passenger Survey
Department: Welsh Government
The survey asks about bus users’ experience of facilities at bus stops, types of tickets, information provision, purpose of journey, concessionary fares etc.
Welsh Exports
Department: Welsh Government
Summarises HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) estimates of exports from Wales.
Welsh Health Survey
Department: Welsh Government
Presents statistics on the health and health-related lifestyle of people living in Wales.
Welsh Health Survey: Local Authority Report
Department: Welsh Government
Contains reference tables at a local authority level to supplement the Welsh Health Survey publication.
Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)
Department: Welsh Government
This Statistical Release presents data on the percentage of social housing meeting the WHQS.