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Input-Output Analytical Tables
Department: Office for National Statistics
Symmetric (product by product) Input-Output tables, providing estimates of domestic and imported products to intermediate consumption and final demand and associated multipliers.
Input-Output Supply and Use Tables
Department: Office for National Statistics
Input-Output Supply and Use tables, providing estimates of industry inputs and outputs, product supply and demand and Gross Value Added (GVA) for the United Kingdom (UK)
Integrated Household Survey
Department: Office for National Statistics
The largest social survey ever produced by the ONS. The survey takes responses from current ONS household surveys and contains information from over 400,000 individual respondents.
Intergenerational transmission of poverty in the UK & EU
Department: Office for National Statistics
Examines the extent to which the circumstances children grow up in affect their future life chances. The analysis investigates the relationship between childhood factors, such as parents’ education level and employment status, and educational attainment; as well as the extent to which these factors predict income poverty and material deprivation in adulthood. Analysis is presented both for the UK and a number of other EU countries.
Interim Life Tables
Department: Office for National Statistics
Interim life tables, which are produced annually for the UK and its constituent countries, give statistics on period life expectancy by age and sex.
Intermediate Results
Department: Office for National Statistics
Revised estimates of UK Manufacturing Sales by Product (PRODCOM). Estimates of product sales value and volume, linked with international trade statistics.
Internal Migration by Local Authorities in England and Wales
Department: Office for National Statistics
Presents data on Internal migration by Local Authorities and regions in England and Wales.
Internal migration (NHSCR)
Department: Office for National Statistics
Internal migration estimates for countries within the UK and, within England, Government Office Regions (GORs) of England and the rest of the UK.
International Comparison of the Formula Effect Between the CPI and RPI
Department: Office for National Statistics
There are a number of differences between the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and Retail Prices Index (RPI), including their coverage, population base, commodity measurement and methods of construction. Combined, these differences have meant that, for most of its history, the CPI has been lower than the RPI. One of the main reasons to this difference is the method of construction at the lowest level, where different formulae are used in the CPI and RPI to combine individual prices. This difference is usually referred to as the formula effect. This article will investigate similar formula effects present in the inflation measures of other countries, and where necessary will attempt to explain why the magnitude of the formula effect experienced by other countries differs from that of the UK.
International Comparisons of Productivity
Department: Office for National Statistics
An international comparison of productivity across the G7 nations, in terms of the level of and growth in GDP per hour and GDP per worker.