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Publications for: Transport

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National Travel Survey
Department: Transport
Report presenting the results of the National Travel Survey, a household survey designed to provide a databank of personal travel information for Great Britain.
ONS Opinions Attitude Surveys
Department: Transport
This report discusses results from the ONS Opinions Survey on public attitudes
Peak rail passenger demand and crowding statistics
Department: Transport
Annual statistics on peak rail passenger demand and crowding statistics.
Port Employment and Accident Rates
Department: Transport
Results of a survey of UK seaports employment abd accidents
Port Freight Statistics Quarterly
Department: Transport
Quarterly statistics on freight handled at UK Ports
Provisional Port Statistics
Department: Transport
Publication including preliminary annual statistics on freight traffic handled at UK ports.
Public Attitudes to Roads Network Performance.
Department: Transport
Report presenting people's perceptions of road network performance and attitudes towards measures to improve road network performances.
Public attitudes to climate change and the impact of transport
Department: Transport
Report summarising people's attitudes to climate change in relation to transport.
Public attitudes towards buses
Department: Transport
Public experiences of and attitudes towards bus travel in Great Britain, based on a module of questions included in the Office for National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) Survey.
Public attitudes towards electric vehicles
Department: Transport
Report on public attitudes towards electric vehicles