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Publications for: NHS England

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Mixed Sex Accommodation Breaches
Department: NHS England
Number of breaches of the policy on Mixed Sex Accommodation in relation to sleeping accomodation for the month, broken down by provider and commissioner.
NHS 111 Dataset
Department: NHS England
Monthly statistics on access to, volume and quality of NHS 111 calls. It covers information on the price of the NHS 111 service, its impact on activity across the urgent and emergency care system. It will include figures on user experience every six months.
NHS Diagnostics Waiting Times and Acitivities
Department: NHS England
Diagnostic test waiting.
NHS Inpatient and Outpatient Waiting: Elective Admission Events
Department: NHS England
Quarterly monitoring of hospital inpatient activity
NHS Referral to Treatment (RTT) Waiting Times Statistics for England - Annual Report
Department: NHS England
Referral to treatment waiting annual report for calendar year
NHS Referral to Treatment Waiting Times
Department: NHS England
Information on Consultant-led Referral to Treatment (RtT) waiting times, monitoring length of time from referral through to elective treatment.
National NHS Staff Survey
Department: NHS England
Data on how staff feel about working in the NHS
Patient Experience Overall Measure
Department: NHS England
Consolidates results from surveys in the National Patient Survey Programme to give overall experience scores (out of 100) for the NHS against 5 broad headings. The Department of Health was previously responsible for the publication of Patient Experience Overall Measure.
Statistics on Waiting Times for Suspected and Diagnosed Cancer Patients Annual Report
Department: NHS England
Information on the waiting times of patients with suspected cancer and those subsequently diagnosed with cancer
VTE Risk Assessment Data Collection
Department: NHS England
Provider level information on the number and proportion of admitted adult patients who have been risk assessed for Venous thromboembolism (VTE)