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Local Adult Reoffending
Department: Justice
The latest statistics on the reoffending of adults on the probation caseload, released by the Ministry of Justice. The quarterly release presents statistics on the reoffending of adults under supervision of the probation service in England and Wales. Data are available at the regional, probation area and local authority level. The release also measures progress on local targets to reduce reoffending: National Indicator 18 - Adult reoffending rates for those under probation supervision.
Magistrates’ Courts Time Intervals Survey, England and Wales
Department: Justice
The quarterly release presents results from a one-week survey of criminal cases completed in magistrates' courts in England and Wales. The publication contains estimates of the average time between key milestone dates in a case, broken down by case type and criminal justice area. It is a key source of data on timeliness in the criminal justice system.
Mortgage and landlord possession statistics, England and Wales
Department: Justice
The quarterly releases present statistics on possession actions issued in county courts by mortgage lenders and social and private landlords in England and Wales. Note that the figures represent court actions for possession and not actual homes repossessed, as not all possession orders are enforced.
Multi agency public protection arrangements annual report
Department: Justice
Statistics regarding various aspects of the delivery of Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) in England and Wales.
NOMS Annual Equalities Report
Department: Justice
The Equalities Annual Report summarises the progress that we have made on our national programme of high level actions and our priorities for the year ahead. It exposes the ongoing challenges that we face in ensuring fairness. The report explains in broad terms what we will be doing to improve those outcomes, but real change will be achieved only by local action by managers and staff in prisons and probation trusts, making a practical difference as they go about their work in a fair decent way.
New Criminal Offences, England and Wales
Department: Justice
Annual publication of the number of new criminal offences created each year.
Offender Management Caseload Statistics, England and Wales
Department: Justice
The annual release covers the two main areas of offender management - probation and prison - in England and Wales. For those under probation service supervision, the main characteristics of offenders, activities relating to pre- and post-release supervision and breaches of community sentences are shown. For those in prison, the main characteristics of the prison population, receptions and releases are presented. A consultation on proposed changes to this publication and related statistics took place between 24 July and 22 August 2008.
Offender management statistics quarterly bulletin
Department: Justice
This publication provides key statistics relating to offenders who are in custody or under Probation Service supervision. It covers flows into these services (receptions into prison or probation starts) and flows out (discharges from prison or probation termination) as well as the caseload of both services at specific points in time. The publication also includes information on returns to custody following recall.
Population in custody, England and Wales
Department: Justice
Monthly statistical release presenting tables on the population in custody with summary figures on the population in prison establishments, police cells, secure children's homes and secure training centres. The publication also contains more detailed information on the make-up of the prison population by custody type, offence group, sentence length, age group and establishment. On a quarterly basis information on the population of foreign nationals within prison, by establishment and nationality, is also included.
Prison and Probation Trust rating System
Department: Justice
NOMS produces data-driven assessments of performance for probation trusts using an assessment framework that was agreed with the Ministry of Justice - the Probation Trust Rating System (PTRS). This assesses the 35 probation trusts in England and Wales by looking at performance in about 42 indicators.