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Publications for: Environment (Northern Ireland)

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Northern Ireland Road Safety Monitor
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
Attitudes to Road Safety issues.
Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy to 2020 – Monitoring of Targets and Key Performance Indicators
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
This is a annual update monitoring the targets and key performance indicators set out in the Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy to 2020.
Northern Ireland Seatbelt Survey
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
Seatbelt wearing rates in cars and mobile phone usage.
Northern Ireland Taxi Compliance Check
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
This is a report providing information on the biennial Taxi Compliance Check, which is carried out to determine the roadworthiness and traffic compliance of taxis travelling on the roads in Northern Ireland.
Planning NI Customer Satisfaction Survey
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
Headline results of the 2011 customer satisfaction survey, with full report to be published in May 2012.
Public Perceptions on Climate Change in Northern Ireland
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
A statistical publication on public perceptions on climate change in Northern Ireland.
Quarterly Update of Key Statistics for the Driver and Vehicle Agency
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
This is a quarterly update of information on the Testing, Licensing and Enforcement / Compliance activities of the Driver and Vehicle Agency.
Renewable Energy Statistics
Department: Environment (Northern Ireland)
The DOE Planning Portal provides provisional Renewable Energy statistics based on NI planning applications. Tables are available for Renewable Energy applications and decisions by type, Local Government District and Parliamentary Constituency levels, as well as historical data going back to 2002/03.