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Publications for: Defence

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RAF Pocket Brief
Department: Defence
A summary of Royal Air Force personnel statistics.
Royal Navy Pocket Brief
Department: Defence
A summary of various Royal Navy personnel statistics.
Royal Navy Situation Reports
Department: Defence
Various Royal Navy personnel statistics.
Search and Rescue Annual Report and Pocket Brief
Department: Defence
A summary of search and rescue statistics.
Search and Rescue Monthly Report and Pocket Brief
Department: Defence
Search and rescue statistics. Following a public consultation, from March 2012 this publication will be called Military Search and Rescue monthly report. The pocket brief will be discontinued
Search and Rescue Quarterly Report and Pocket Brief
Department: Defence
Quarterly Search and Rescue Statistics.
Statistical Series 1 - Finance & Economics - Bulletin 1.01 - Trade, Industry and Contracts
Department: Defence
Presents trade data on Defence export orders and payments made for services consumed by MOD establishments overseas. Industry tables provide data on the impact of MOD spending on equipment and services in the UK, details of existing PFI contracts and spend with the top 10 suppliers. Contract tables present information on MOD spending with industry and commerce and displays numbers, types and values of contracts placed by MOD, major equipment projects and payments made to the MOD's suppliers.
Statistical Series 1 - Finance & Economics - Bulletin 1.02 - International Defence
Department: Defence
This Bulletin presents contextual information on NATO countries' defence expenditure and information on the top world-wide military spenders. There is also a focus on trend analysis and aggregate defence comparators for the UK, Germany, France and the USA.
Statistical Series 1 - Finance & Economics - Bulletin 1.03 - Departmental Resources
Department: Defence
Presents defence expenditure over time, includes breakdowns by expenditure groups and is compared to spending in other government areas. There are tables that estimate spending on equipment and Research & Development (R&D), show MOD commitment to conflict prevention, expenditure on external assistance, MOD Input Indicators and external income earned by MOD. The data is consistent with that published in the Departmental Resource Accounts, which have been audited by the National Audit Office.
Statistical Series 2 - Personnel - Bulletin 2.01 - Service Personnel
Department: Defence
This is an annual publication containing strengths, diversity, intake, and outflow from the UK Armed Forces, and strength information on reserves. This data is broken down by Service, Officer/Rank, Training Indicator, gender and ethnicity.