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Assessments and Social Services for Adults, Wales
Department: Welsh Government
Summarises information on assessments and social services provided to adults aged 18 and over by Welsh local authorities.
Assets and Liabilities of Finance Houses and Other Credit Companies
Department: Office for National Statistics
Contains statistics on non-bank credit companies' holdings and transactions in both financial and physical assets and liabilities.
Asylum Statistics for the United Kingdom
Department: Home Office
This release is no longer published and has been superseded by Immigration Statistics
Atlas of Deprivation: England
Department: Office for National Statistics
The Indices of Multiple Deprivation for England combine a number of areas, chosen to cover a range of economic, social and housing issues into a single deprivation score for each Lower Layer Super Output Area in England. The Atlas of Deprivation allows a map visualisation of the overall LSOA deprivation score (rank) and the score (rank) for each of the seven domains by local authority.
Attainment by Pupil Characteristics
Department: Education
This Statistical First Release (SFR) provides information on attainment by different pupil characteristics, specifically gender, ethnicity, eligibility for free school meals (FSM), special educational needs (SEN) and English as a first language
Attainment in Higher Education and Destination of Leavers, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Output of Higher Education Indicators of cross border migration following graduation.
Attendance and Absence in Scottish Schools
Department: Scottish Government
Trends in attendance, types of absence and pupil characteristics.
Attendance at Grant-aided Primary, Post-primary and Special Schools (Northern Ireland)
Department: Education (Northern Ireland)
Analysis of pupil attendance at grant-aided primary, post-primary and special schools in Northern Ireland, by school and pupil characteristics.
Attendance at live sports events by adults in Northern Ireland: Findings from the Continuous Household Survey
Department: Culture, Arts and Leisure (Northern Ireland)
This publication provides information on adults aged 16 years and over and their attendance at live sports events in Northern Ireland
Attendance at primary and post-primary schools
Department: Education (Northern Ireland)
Levels of attendance and absence in primary, post-primary and special schools in Northern Ireland by type, reason and school/pupil characteristics.