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Tenanted Agricultural Land in Scotland Index
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics and information on tenanted agricultural land in Scotland.
Total Income From Farming
Department: Scottish Government
Total Income from Farming in Scotland, covering in detail the costs and revenues of all aspects of Scottish farming.
Total Income From Farming and Net Farm Income, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Headline results of Total Income From Farming (TIFF) and Net Farm Income (NFI).
Transport Trends, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Provides summary figures on road vehicles, traffic, accidents, toll bridges, bus and rail passengers, road and rail freight, air and water transport, personal travel and comparisons with GB.
Transport and Travel in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Incorporates the Household Transport and Main Transport Trends publications
Travel Diary
Department: Scottish Government
Provides information on travel by adults, including journey purpose, mode, distance, duration, experience of congestion and times and days of week on which adults travel.
Travel by Scottish residents
Department: Scottish Government
Journeys made by all members of the household (including children).
Young Persons Guarantee
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics on the Young Persons Guarantee (YPG) which offers a guarantee of an offer of a job, training or work experience to all Jobseekers aged 18 - 24 reaching 6 months on Jobseekers allowance. This is a joint publication with the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), the Devolved Administrations and the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). The Scottish Government will provide estimates of the number of starts in Scotland for the Routes into Work strand of the YPG.
Youth Unemployment Statistics in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
This publication will complement the main Office for National Statistics (ONS) regional labour market publication. The estimates are compiled by ONS and will be based on the rolling quarterly data from the Labour Force Survey. It will focus on the latest available youth unemployment data covering the period August - October 2011 and look at the change over the past year. A time series of data back to January - March 2008 will also be published.