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Anti-social Behaviour Family Intervention Projects - Monitoring and Evaluation (NatCen)
Department: Education
Anti-social Behaviour Family Intervention Projects - Monitoring and Evaluation
Anti-social behaviour order statistics, England and Wales
Department: Justice
Annual release of statistics relating to anti-social behaviour orders. Breakdowns provided are age, sex and criminal justice system (CJS) area.
Antibacterial Primary Care Prescribing Indicators
Department: ISD Scotland (part of NHS National Services Scotland)
Annual report summarising antibacterial use in primary care in Scotland.
Appeals against Results for GCSE and GCE
Department: Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation
Awarding organisations must have published arrangements for the submission of appeals against results. Ofqual collects and reports information on the total number of appeals against results concerning the GCSE and GCE summer examination series in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. No geographic breakdown is currently published.
Approved Pension Schemes: Cost of Tax Relief
Department: HM Revenue and Customs
Provides estimates of the cost of tax relief in respect of employer and individual contributions to personal and occupational non-State registered pension schemes (PEN 6). Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Pensions'.
Area Based Analysis
Department: Office for National Statistics
Area Based Analysis is a collection of analysis with a focus on area. A range of geographies are explored from regions and local authorities to output areas. Many different themes and indicators are explored.
Area Classifications
Department: Office for National Statistics
Area classifications for Great Britain have been produced after every census since 1971, and from the 2001 Census onwards were extended to cover the whole UK. Using socioeconomic and demographic data from each census, they aim to identify areas of the country with similar characteristics. This information is useful to many groups including government departments, local authorities, the health sector and academics.
Areas of Town Centre Activity: Boundaries and Statistics
Department: Communities and Local Government
Boundaries and statistics on town centres.
Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
Department: Defence
Compensation claims and payments for injury, illness or death caused by service in the UK armed forces.
Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey Headline Results
Department: Defence
The MOD uses the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS) to collect information on the attitudes, opinions and circumstances of serving personnel. The main report of the AFCAS includes all the information contained in the Headline Report and as such there will be no future Headline Reports.