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Student Loans for Higher Education in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics on student loans provided to Scottish domiciled students and EU domiciled students studying in Scotland. Information on loan outlay, borrower numbers and activity and repayments. Published jointly by Student Loans Company and Scotland's Chief Statistician. Aim is to publish at same time as other administrations though this does not always happen.
Student Loans for Higher Education in Scotland - Income Contingent Repayments by Repayment Cohort and Tax Year
Department: Scottish Government
Information on repayment of income contingent student loans by repayment cohort year and tax year. Includes average debt and average repayments made as well as a breakdown of borrowers by repayment status. Covers loans for Scottish students studying anywhere in the UK and a small number of EU students studying in Scotland.
Student Loans for Higher Education in Scotland, Financial Year 2008-09 (Provisional) - Annex.
Department: Scottish Government
Annex provides additional tables to complement Student Loans publication released in June. It shows how students are repaying their income contingent student loans and the average amount outstanding for each cohort.
Students in Higher Education at Scottish Institutions
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics on Students in Higher Education ( HE) at Scottish Institutions.
Summary Justice Reform Performance Report
Department: Scottish Government
This report contains a synopsis of summary criminal justice system performance against a range of key performance indicators for Summary Justice Reform
Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destinations and School Meals
Department: Scottish Government
Provides statistics on school meals, post appeal qualifications and school leaver destinations.
Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Compendia publication including data from a number of education publications that were previously published separately. These publication are: Pupil Census, Teacher Census, Attendance and Absence and Pre-school statistics.
Summary of Indicative Quality Indicator Results from HMIE Inspections
Department: Scottish Government
Indicative results of HMIE pre-school, school and child protection inspections.
Supporting People Client Statistics, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Annual information on numbers receiving housing support through the Supporting People Programme.
Survey of Agricultural Production Methods
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics on Scottish Agricultural Production Methods