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Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Production, employment and valuation figures for shellfish aquaculture in 2011.
Scottish Survey of Farm Structure and Methods
Department: Scottish Government
The return for each farm structure survey is in the form of individual (anonymised) farm records, which undergo a stringent quality assurance check by the EC. The records include information on land use, livestock, machinery and equipment, labour, diversified activities, support for rural development, and farm characteristics such as geographical location, management and tenure.
Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy
Department: Scottish Government
The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) is an annual sample survey which monitors national performance in literacy and numeracy in alternate years, for school children at P4, P7 and S2. It also provides information which will inform improvements in learning and teaching and assessment at classroom level.
Scottish Transport Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
A wide-ranging compendium of statistics on many aspects of transport.
Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Total amount of vacant and derelict land in Scotland and land reclaimed for new uses since the previous survey.
Scottish Welfare Fund Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Summary pending
Secure Accommodation Statistics, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Number of admissions, discharges, occupancy levels, children characteristics and reason for placement in secure accommodation.
Self-directed Care Census, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Social care clients receiving payment from Local Authorities for self-directed care.
Student Loans for Higher Education in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Statistics on student loans provided to Scottish domiciled students and EU domiciled students studying in Scotland. Information on loan outlay, borrower numbers and activity and repayments. Published jointly by Student Loans Company and Scotland's Chief Statistician. Aim is to publish at same time as other administrations though this does not always happen.
Student Loans for Higher Education in Scotland - Income Contingent Repayments by Repayment Cohort and Tax Year
Department: Scottish Government
Information on repayment of income contingent student loans by repayment cohort year and tax year. Includes average debt and average repayments made as well as a breakdown of borrowers by repayment status. Covers loans for Scottish students studying anywhere in the UK and a small number of EU students studying in Scotland.