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Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Broad range of small area socio-economic statistics.
Scottish Policing Performance Framework Annual Report
Department: Scottish Government
Compilation of the police performance indicators as collected by ACPOS. Provide comparative information between forces and from year to year, where the data is available.
Scottish Quarterly Gross Domestic Product
Department: Scottish Government
Key indicator of Economic Growth for Scotland, identifying the economic output for the latest quarter.
Scottish Retail Sales Index
Department: Scottish Government
A measure of the total turnover at basic prices of businesses registered as retailers. The Index serves as an indicator of Economic Growth in the Scottish Retail sector.
Scottish Road Accident Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Data about injury road accidents, accident costs, vehicles involved, drivers and riders, drink-drive accidents, drivers breath tested, casualties and international comparisons.
Scottish Safety Camera Programme Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Data relating to road traffic collisions, injuries and offences detected at speed and red-light camera sites, operated in Scotland under the auspices of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme.
Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
A detailed overview of catch and net fishing effort based on returns from proprietors/occupiers/agents of salmon fisheries throughout Scotland.
Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
An overview of landings of sea fish; the Scottish fishing fleet; and the number of sea fishermen employed.
Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Production, employment and valuation figures for shellfish aquaculture in 2011.
Scottish Survey of Farm Structure and Methods
Department: Scottish Government
The return for each farm structure survey is in the form of individual (anonymised) farm records, which undergo a stringent quality assurance check by the EC. The records include information on land use, livestock, machinery and equipment, labour, diversified activities, support for rural development, and farm characteristics such as geographical location, management and tenure.