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Angling and usage of inland waterways by adults in Northern Ireland: Findings from the Continuous Household Survey (CHS)
Department: Culture, Arts and Leisure (Northern Ireland)
This annual series of publications provides information on adults aged 16 years and over and their participation in angling and usage of inland waterways
Animal Feed Statistics Notice, UK
Department: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Statistics on Animal Feed in Great Britain.
Animal Feed Statistics for Great Britain
Department: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Statistics on Animal Feed in Great Britain.
Annual Abstract of Statistics
Department: Office for National Statistics
Contains statistics on the UK's economy, industry, society and demography presented in easy to read tables and backed up with explanatory notes and definitions. It covers, among others, the following areas: area; parliamentary elections; defence; population and vital statistics; education; labour market; expenditure and wealth; health; crime and justice; lifestyles; environment, housing; transport and communications; government finance; agriculture, fisheries and food; production; banking and insurance and service industry.
Annual Acute Hospital Activity and NHS Beds information
Department: ISD Scotland (part of NHS National Services Scotland)
Following public consultation these publications will be released as a single publication on a yearly basis from September 2011: - Annual summary of outpatient activity - Annual summary of inpatient and day case activity, procedures and diagnoses - Annual summary of bed statistics - Annual summary of childhood hospital admissions - Emergency and Multiple Admissions - Length of stay information - Same day surgery information - Allied Health Professional and Nurse Led clinics data
Annual Anti-social Behaviour Order (ASBO) Statistics
Department: Home Office
Detailed breakdown of anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) data by Criminal Justice Area
Annual Bus Statistics
Department: Transport
Bulletin presenting latest annual data for road-based public transport in Great Britain. Contains information for local buses, non-local buses and coaches.
Annual Business Inquiry
Department: Office for National Statistics
The Annual Business Inquiry (ABI) is conducted in two parts: employment and financial information. This release deals with the financial inquiry which collects information for about two thirds of the UK economy, covering agriculture (part), hunting, forestry and fishing; production; construction; motor trades; wholesale; retail; catering and allied trades; property; service trades. The financial variables covered include turnover, purchases, employment costs, capital expenditure and stocks. Approximate Gross Value Added (GVA) is calculated as an input into the measurement of Gross Domestic product (GDP).
Annual Business Survey
Department: Office for National Statistics
The Annual Business Survey collects financial information for the UK non-financial business economy; variables covered include turnover, purchases and approximate gross value added.
Annual Central Feed-in Tariff register statistics
Department: Energy and Climate Change
Cumulative count and installed capacity of Feed-in Tariff installations that have been confirmed on the Central FiT Register. Statistics are shown for GB, split by technology and tariff band