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Publications for: Scottish Government

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Scottish Children's Reporter Administration Statistical Analysis
Department: Scottish Government
This publication presents a full statistical analysis by the SCRA on children and young people referred to the Reporter during the year.
Scottish Corporate Sector Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Business stock information by industry, sizeband, ownership and Local Authorities.
Scottish Crime and Justice Survey Report
Department: Scottish Government
High Level Summary of Statistics Trends for Crime and Justice
Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Fires in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Statistical bulletin providing a detailed overview of Scottish fire statistics over the past decade, at a brigade and Scotland level.
Scottish Economic Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
This compendium publication presents a range of official statistics relevant to the Scottish economy.
Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Production, employment and escapes figures for fin fish aquaculture.
Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Department: Scottish Government
Summary statistics on geenhouse gas emissions for the period 1990-2007
Scottish Health Survey
Department: Scottish Government
The Scottish Health Survey provides a detailed picture of the health of the Scottish population in private households and is designed to make a major contribution to the monitoring of health in Scotland.
Scottish Health Survey - Topic Report
Department: Scottish Government
An analysis of Scottish Health Survey data for 2008 and 2009 to examine whether the so-called "Glasgow Effect" exists in relation to public health in Scotland.
Scottish House Condition Survey
Department: Scottish Government
This survey looks at the physical condition of Scotland's homes as well as the experiences of householders.