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Publications for: Scottish Government

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Scottish Annual Business Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Scottish Annual Business Statistics includes detailed data on employees, turnover, gross value added, labour costs and other financial data. Data are shown by industry sector, local authority area and ownership.
Scottish Children's Reporter Administration Statistical Analysis
Department: Scottish Government
This publication presents a full statistical analysis by the SCRA on children and young people referred to the Reporter during the year.
Scottish Corporate Sector Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Business stock information by industry, sizeband, ownership and Local Authorities.
Scottish Crime and Justice Survey Report
Department: Scottish Government
High Level Summary of Statistics Trends for Crime and Justice
Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Fires in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Statistical bulletin providing a detailed overview of Scottish fire statistics over the past decade, at a brigade and Scotland level.
Scottish Economic Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
This compendium publication presents a range of official statistics relevant to the Scottish economy.
Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey
Department: Scottish Government
Production, employment and escapes figures for fin fish aquaculture.
Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Department: Scottish Government
Summary statistics on geenhouse gas emissions for the period 1990-2007
Scottish Health Survey
Department: Scottish Government
The Scottish Health Survey provides a detailed picture of the health of the Scottish population in private households and is designed to make a major contribution to the monitoring of health in Scotland.
Scottish Health Survey - Topic Report
Department: Scottish Government
An analysis of Scottish Health Survey data for 2008 and 2009 to examine whether the so-called "Glasgow Effect" exists in relation to public health in Scotland.