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Road Accidents, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Detailed statistics about injury road accidents, accident costs, vehicles involved, drivers and riders, drink-drive accidents, drivers breath tested, casualties and international comparisons.
Rural Scotland - Key Facts
Department: Scottish Government
Key statistics related to rural Scotland that provide a picture of the lives of its people.
SCORE (Scottish Continuous Recording System) Annual Summary Report
Department: Scottish Government
Annual summary of lettings made by Registered Social Landlords
SQA Attainment and School Leaver Qualifications in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Wide ranging analysis of attainment in Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) qualifications split by, amongst others, gender, ethnicity, Additional Support Needs (ASN) and looked after status.
SQA Examination Results in Scottish Schools
Department: Scottish Government
National and Education Authority level statistics on Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) examination results (pre-appeal).
School Estate Statistics, Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Size, condition and costs of school estate.
School Meals in Scotland
Department: Scottish Government
Information on the uptake of school meals, registration for free school meals and various healthy eating policies.
Scottish Agriculture Facts and Figures
Department: Scottish Government
Summary of agricultural activity and income information.
Scottish Agriculture Output, Input and Income Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Detailed analysis of Total Income From Farming (TIFF) inputs, outputs, average prices, volume series, economic indicators, grants and subsidies.
Scottish Annual Business Statistics
Department: Scottish Government
Scottish Annual Business Statistics includes detailed data on employees, turnover, gross value added, labour costs and other financial data. Data are shown by industry sector, local authority area and ownership.