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Publications for: NHS England

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Dental Commissioning Monitoring
Department: NHS England
Information about the Units of Dental Activity (UDAs) commissioned by Primary Care Trusts, split between those that are delivering services and those that are not yet delivering
Diagnostic Imaging Dataset Statistics
Department: NHS England
Provisional monthly data on diagnostic imaging tests on NHS patients in England. Includes estimates of GP usage of direct access to chest imaging, non-obstetric ultrasound and MRI brain scans which are key diagnostic test for cancer.
Direct Access Audiology Waiting Times
Department: NHS England
Monthly collection of data covering those patients on a Direct Access audiology pathway.
Friends and Family Test
Department: NHS England
These data show the responses of patients, who have been treated in an acute setting as inpatients or in A&E, to the question "how likely are you to recommend our ward/A&E department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?" The score is presented as the proportion of patients who were "very likely" to recommend minus those who were "unlikely" or "very unlikely" to recommend, or who responded "don't know". Data are published at trust, site and ward level.
GP National Patient Survey
Department: NHS England
The GPPS collects information on patient access to and satisfaction with GP with services.
General Practice Patient Survey Dental Statistics
Department: NHS England
Statistics on the results of the GP Patient Survey’s newly added dental questions. Questions relate to patients’ access to NHS dental care.
Hospital Activity Data
Department: NHS England
Monthly activity data relating to elective and non-elective inpatient admissions (or first finished consultant episodes FFCEs) and outpatient referrals and attendances for first consultant outpatient appointments.
Imaging and Radiodiagnostics
Department: NHS England
Imaging and radio diagnostics.
Indicators on Breastfeeding
Department: NHS England
Breastfeeding and 12 week risk assessment
Integrated Performance Measures Monitoring
Department: NHS England
Monitors how PCTs perform against measures in the following areas: CHD-Diabetic retinopathy; CHD-NHS Health Checks; Older people-Delayed Discharge; Health Improvement-Maternity; Health Improvement-Stroke. NB From 2011-12, this publication has replaced the previous Vital Signs Monitoring report. The coverage is similar but not identical to the Vital Signs report - the measures included are covered by the 2011-12 NHS Operating Framework.