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Past and future editions of 'Changing Regional Economies'
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Title: Changing Regional Economies - Changing Regional Economies

Release date: 08 June 2007 at 9:30am
Theme: Economy | Department: Office for National Statistics | Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: European (NUTS) | Designation: National Statistics
Summary: These reports have been produced for each English region to coincide with the official launch of the new ONS Regional Statisticians teams, established in each English Government Office Region in April 2007. Each report provides a profile of the relevant region and presents a range of statistics that help to understand differences between regions. Within regions, comparisons are made between sub-regions and between rural and urban areas. Regional statistics in the context of the European Structural Funds are discussed, followed by a look-ahead at the developments in regional statistics expected as a result of the Allsopp programme, three years since the original Allsopp Report.