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Title: Births in Scottish Hospitals - Year Ending 30 March 2013

Provisional release date: 26 August 2014
Theme: Health and Social Care | Department: ISD Scotland (part of NHS National Services Scotland) | Coverage: Scotland
Geographic breakdown: Other | Designation: National Statistics
Summary: Births in Scottish Hospitals

Title: Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) - England, 2014

Release date: 27 August 2014 at 9:30am
Theme: Health and Social Care | Department: Health and Social Care Information Centre | Coverage: England
Geographic breakdown: Other | Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics
Summary: PLACE (Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment) was introduced in April 2013 to replace the former Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) programme. The programme is voluntary and is open to all NHS and independent sector hospitals, hospices and treatment centres. Through this programme hospitals, in collaboration with patient assessors, undertake an annual assessment to a standard format of their non-clinical services including, but not limited to, cleanliness, condition and appearance
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