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Theme: People and Places
From 20 April 2014 to 20 May 2014
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Title: Pension provision: NI contributions, qualifying years and second tier pensions - April 2014

Provisional release date: 30 April 2014
Theme: People and Places | Department: Work and Pensions | Coverage: UK
Geographic breakdown: Other | Designation: National Statistics
Summary: The release provides the latest estimates on people who have paid National Insurance contributions since 1978/79. The figures show all the contribution types paid by a person during the year and are not mutually exclusive: they will include an element of double counting if a person has paid a number of contribution types (e.g. self employed and employed earner contributions). This was previously known as ‘National Insurance Contributions and qualifying years and Second Tier Pension Provision'

Title: Museum and gallery visits figures - March 2014 results

Provisional release date: 01 May 2014
Theme: People and Places | Department: Culture, Media and Sport | Coverage: England
Geographic breakdown: Other | Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics
Summary: Monthly figures on museum and gallery visits.

Title: Lone Parent Claimants of Jobseekers Allowance - Data to March 2014

Provisional release date: 14 May 2014
Theme: People and Places | Department: Work and Pensions | Coverage: GB
Geographic breakdown: Other | Designation: Experimental Official Statistics
Summary: A lone parent breakdown of the Office for National Statistics Jobseeker's Allowance Claimant Count statistics. This is in response to the changes to the eligibility rules for Income Support introduced in November 2008