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11 September 2014
Statistics on football-related arrests and football banning orders - season 2013-14
Home Office
28 August 2014
Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000: arrests, outcomes and stops & searches - Great Britain 2013/14
Home Office

Key releases

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)

Theme: Crime and Justice

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Statistics relating to crime and justice are collected from the public, police forces and other justice agencies. The statistics include types of crime, the work of the police and the functioning of the justice system. They also relate to the general public’s experience and perceptions of crime.

Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice statistics measure many different aspects of crime and of the criminal justice system.

The areas analysed include:

  • crime as measured by the British Crime Survey (BCS) and police recorded crime

  • the general public’s experience and perceptions of crime along with their attitudes to policing

  • police staffing and resources as well as the exercise of police powers

  • the operation of the courts and outcomes in the criminal justice system (sentencing, prison and probation)

  • re-offending and criminal careers

Statistics are also produced on high-profile issues within the civil justice system, for example court actions for repossession of mortgaged property.

Data for England and Wales are produced by the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.

Data for Scotland and for Northern Ireland are produced by the devolved administrations.