A new release calendar has been launched on GOV.UK. The Publication Hub website will soon be decommissioned.

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Please read this page to ensure that you gain as much information as possible on making this site accessible to you.

Accessibility statement

The UK Statistics Authority  is committed to ensuring that this website and its content are accessible to the widest range of people.

This website has been designed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v1.0 Level Double-A standard, which is compliant with current UK Government standards  If you have any difficulty accessing the site or any suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us.

The UK Statistics Authority can only be responsible for content that is specifically part of the Publication Hub website.

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Accessibility features

We offer the following accessibility options:

  • Search facility
  • Sitemap
  • Three different viewing schemes.  These are available in the top right-hand corner on the home page as a set of three boxes with the letter A. See viewing schemes icons below

Viewing schemes
Viewing schemes

The three different viewing schemes are:

  1. the default view
  2. a view to help visitors with dyslexia, and
  3. high visibility and low graphic view

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My Web My Way

The BBC website has an extensive and helpful section called My Web My Way.  The site has lots of advice to help you adapt your computer to suit your needs.

The information includes how to change the colours, text size and browser settings, making all websites, including this one, better for you.

Visit My Web My Way

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How to use access keys

These keyboard shortcuts will help you if you have difficulty using pointer devices like a mouse.  To ensure that these keys do not conflict with other assistive technologies, we have included only the important website functions.

1 = Home page

2 = Release Calendar

3 = Search

4 = Skip to content

Use these shortcut keys with either ALT or CTRL depending on your browser.

Having problems?  Then please contact us.

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